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AgFx documentation resources

Getting started with AgFx

First, read through this Tutorial, and an overview of How AgFx Works

Then, read more about what you can do with DataManager and IDataLoader.


AgFx currently has two sample app in the source control system.

1. National Weather Service - is a basic app that uses AgFx DataManager and demonstrates Loading, Managing, and Databinding to a VM. It also demonstrates calling a web service and processing the output.
2. Flickr - a more complex example dealing with nested object types, etc. Please note this is not designed to be a great Flickr client, but just a handy way to demonstrate some concepts. You'll need our own Flickr API key.

Common scenario walkthroughs

Please read the Tutorial first to get a feel for how AgFx fits together with your application.

Below is a set of drill-downs into common questions and scenarios, some available now, some on the way.
  • On-demand loading of nested objects
  • Using AgFx with Add Service Reference generated proxies
  • Using AgFx for login/logout state
  • Handling batch requests or data that comes down with one request, but might be useful later
  • Handling single-instance objects
  • On-demand population of part of an object's data
  • Handing paging of data
  • Can I store other app state in AgFx?

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