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[Feature Request]Make it easier to integrate with other MVVM framework


First, I really like AgFx and it saves me a lot of time, but in the mean time, I love caliburn.micro, the problem here is AgFx provides a View Model Base, and it is not very easy to integrate the existing code which has its VM ready. It would be better to have some easy way to integrate with other MVVM frameworks, and I believe this will attract more developers on this project.
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shawnburke wrote Jan 25, 2012 at 4:42 PM

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Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately the ViewModelBase is an important part of how AgFx works. For integrating with something like Caliburn.Micro, I'd recommend wrapping one type of VM with the other and just delegating through. It's a bit of extra work but it's the most reliable way of fitting them together.



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